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I'm Ashley. 19. I love crab legs, pokemon, and flannel. Asks are wicked. I looove to talk so don't be shy! I have an art blog & a facebook if you care.
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(I get bored a lot)
My boofriend is Alex
as of Oct 24th,2012!
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my life tbh
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People should message me or leave me asks on or off anon because that’d be rad to wake up to? o:

"Never leave someone who touches your soul more than your body."
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what if your mom and your dad both had sex changes after you were born so your mom is actually your dad and your dad is actually your mom


fucking delete already

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3D printing is being used to print organs, prosthetic limbs, and this
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are u in love with me? no?? *slides u a chocolate pudding* how about now?

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